Woodworking Project

I’ve got to brag on my hubby for a bit.  He has done amazing work on all our homes (we always get fixer-uppers) and then keeps it in working order.  He likes little projects too, like taking some large old trucks of his from when he was little which are now completely rusted and making them look brand new.  I kick myself that I didn’t get any “before” pictures on that project.

One of his current projects is making picnic tables that convert into a bench.  Plans are here.  First one is done so we tested it out.  I’m so proud of the good job my hubby did on it!

Picnic Table:




Then we had to decide if we would keep it “nice” and stain it or make it “fun” and paint it.  We went with fun. 🙂


We did four.  Then let the kids paint their little picnic table with the left over paint.


Done.  So happy and cheerful!  Just adding to the camp-like atmosphere our house has 🙂




Time to Plant?

Some of the plants were growing really well so I wanted to get them in the ground.  But when?  I wanted to wait until the threat of frost was over, even over night.  It finally seemed like that time had come so we got our planter boxes ready.SONY DSC

I planted only the ones that were doing well.  The little ones I saved to let them get a little stronger.  Good thing I did because we just had severe weather.  As in, this happened to our neighbor:SONY DSC

I asked God to protect our little garden and He did!  Thank you Lord.


How to Build a Campfire


With the weather warming up, thoughts turn to camping.  Kiki must be mentally prepping because she asked me how do you build a campfire.   We looked it up and built one in the backyard.  The girls actually did most of the work and it was so well built that it was still standing almost a week later.

In case you want to build one in your backyard, here is what we did:  first clear out a spot where it will be and then ring it in with rocks.  Add your kindling in the middle.  We used pine needles and small sticks.  Over your kindling build a teepee with medium sized sticks.  Around that build a “log cabin” of larger sticks.

Starting From Seed

This will be my fourth year to have a garden.  This will be my first year to have a large garden.  At least to me it is large considering this year I needed more than three greenhouse kits.

Here’s to hoping the neighborhood woodchuck does not eat everything before we can!



Mid-Winter Break

It is February.  It is still winter.  In fact, I just finished shoveling heavy snow and slush.

The previous few days, however, we were teased with some spring weather and we took full advantage of it.

One morning we hit the zoo.  Then played outside after naps in the afternoon.


They informed me they were gathering bananas for the monkeys.

Later I was told “Hello, my name is Kiki and I’ll be your tour guide.”  They gave me a tour of their zoo, showed me their animals, what they fed them, told me about caring for them, and having to find additional workers so that Kiki could take off the week for her birthday (she owned the zoo).

Love their imaginations!  Cannot get enough of it.

This is JJ and I on our tour 🙂