“The days are long but the years are short.”

I love that quote.  So true.  This blog serves to capture some snap shots of  my very normal life.  Perhaps you will be inspired, encouraged, or smile as I try to find the fun in the every day.  Time is flying by faster each year.  Hopefully I can slow it down a little through this blog.

Top 15 thins I like:

1.  Jesus Christ

2.  My wonderful husband of over a decade.  Herein referred to as “hubby.”

3.  My four awesome kids.  Herein referred to as Kiki, Lulu, Guster, and JJ.

4.  My family and friends

5.  MILK chocolate (with nuts/peanut butter is even better)

6.  The smell of fresh cut grass

7.  Autumn

8.  Christmas

9.  Homeschooling

10.  Pasta and rice (no carb free for me) and chinese food … who am I kidding, food in general

12.  Sunny days (too many cloudy or rainy days and I’m self diagnosed with S.A.D.)

13.  the color red (so cheerful and happy)

14.  Birthdays

15.  Simplicity

16.  Reading

17.  Pedis

Oh wait, I was suppose to stop at 15.  Well, there are so many things I like it’s hard to pick the top ones.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.



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