Chicken Broth

Last year I discovered homemade chicken broth.  My hubby had been suggesting it for several years but I just never got around to it.  Silly me.  It is so amazing!  I love it so much that I just had to share.

We live on a strict budget.  One way of stretching the grocery budget is by cooking a whole chicken (crockpot= done) and taking the meat off to be used in several recipes.  All this time I just threw the bones away.  NO!  Save them to make chicken broth.

So easy you’ll kick yourself for not doing it before.

Big pot: chicken bones, several carrots in big chunks, several celery stalks in big chunks, water to cover it all, and some salt, pepper, and thyme.  Let it simmer for several hours.

Strain out the broth so you are left with this to throw away:


And left with this delicious broth for whatever recipe calls for chicken broth:


For us there is a secret ingredient 🙂  After you take the chicken out of the crockpot, keep all the juices at the bottom and put it in with your broth as it simmers.  You ever hear “fat adds flavor”? Yum!


2 thoughts on “Chicken Broth

  1. My tip with chicken broth–I throw a couple jalapeno peppers in–just cut off the top with the stem. It gives the broth a tiny kick. When I have a cold and make chicken soup with that broth, it tastes wonderful. I also use a couple bay leaves.

    Isn’t homemade broth wonderful? AND you can control the salt! They put a lot of salt in the canned stuff so you can’t tell that there’s really very little meat flavor to it. Good for you for discovering the good stuff for yourself! 🙂

    • ooooh, good tip. My husband & I would like the jalapeno peppers, but we are still working on getting the kids to like spicy stuff. Even just a little spice & they are chugging milk. lol. Thanks for the tip! I’ll try to remember it & have some special broth for the adults 🙂

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