Fun Jar Activity:  Learn about tornadoes and make one in a bottle.


First up was watching some youtube clips of tornadoes.  Then we discussed them a little bit.  We have never seen a tornado in person (and I’ll die a happy person if that stays true), but I have seen the aftermath when helping with tornado relief work.

Then it was on to the fun part.  I had to look  up to see how to do make a tornado in a bottle.  There seemed to be two ways.  First way we tried was putting water in a jar with a little dish soap and glitter.  Then you swirl it around until you see a tornado.  Easy.  Kids liked that one.



The second way was what I originally had in mind when I came up with the activity.  Every time I looked it up they always talked about using a special connector piece for the two bottles.  Well, I didn’t have that so we experimented to see if we could get the same effect without it.


This wasn’t very successful.  We might have gotten water all over.   Still, they had fun with it.  I think their favorite part was dyeing the water blue.

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