Organizing the Kitchen

Our house does not have a dishwasher. *gasp*

Good thing I grew up without one so it really has not been that hard of an adjustment washing by hand.  Still we desire to put one in the kitchen and there is the perfect spot for it by the sink.   That perfect spot of a cupboard was FULL of Tupperware.

So in order to make room for a dishwasher I needed to empty that cupboard and find its contents a new home.  Step one of course was to match lids to containers because even though the same number went into that cupboard when we moved in (almost a year ago) we now have a bunch of lonely  pieces without their mates.

Step two: recruit help


Their faces make me laugh.  Kiki with her cheesy smile ( because she is like me and likes to organize stuff so she was excited).  Guster with his ever-closed-eyes-for-pictures smile.  Lulu was frumpy because right before I took the picture she fell off her chair.  (I just realized that this picture only shows some of the Tupperware we had.)

Many hands makes light work and before long we were done.

Step three:  rearrange the rest of my cupboards to make room for my Tupperware.  Thankfully this ended up not being too hard.


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