Trimming the Tree

One of the first things we did after Thanksgiving was turn on the Christmas music and put up the Christmas tree!


Taking turns playing with the Santa hat (mine from when I was little).


Kissing baby.  He does have the Moosletoe after all!


Hmmm, looks like I will be hitting the Christmas sales this year.   My wonderful hubby tried many things multiple times, but it remains a mystery why the top half portion of the tree will not light.

SONY DSCA sweet neighbor came to the rescue with a couple strands of colored lights so now the tree has character with the different kinds of lights.

Finally, one of my favorite parts of the tree- TINSEL!  Yes, it creates a mess because you find it everywhere around the house and it zaps from all the static electricity … but it sparkles!


OK, quick funny.  See that ornament next to Lulu there on the tree?  If you know The Christmas Story you will recognize it as Ralphie’s Christmas pink bunny outfit present from his Aunt who thinks he is a girl and 6 years old.  Lulu picked the ornament out of the box, wrinkled her nose and said, “eww, pig”.

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