December Activities

Christmas is my favorite holiday!

I love all the festivities, lights, and good feelings, but I have never tried to do an advent calendar with treats and activities.  That always sounded like way too much work for me even though it sounded like fun.  This year I thought of all the things we would be doing anyways and realized I could put something together.  For me, however, I would need to simplify the process!  Here is what I came up with for our December Activities:


Just a simple gift bag with a paper snowflake paper clipped to it.  The backs of the snowflakes are numbered for each day until Christmas.  Each morning the kids pull out a piece of paper with the day’s activity on it.  This allows for the next day’s activity to be decided the night before … I need this flexibility.

Most activities will be simple.  For instance, today our activity is “Go to the library and read a Christmas book”.  It just so happens that I found out that today our library would be having a harpist! 🙂


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