September 19, 2013 is a week after my birthday.  It is also the due date for baby #4!  We had our ultrasound today and officially found out that we are having another boy.  We have always talked about how fun it would be to have two girls and two boys and I am thrilled that God allowed us to have that.

Since I am of “advanced maternal age” they did a more in depth ultrasound to look for Down Syndrome indicators.  Yes, they found one.  There is slightly elevated amounts of fluid in the kidneys.  The risk factor of Down Syndrome went from half a percent to 2%.  So I have a follow up ultrasound in six weeks.  This could also go away on its own, before or after birth, or it could be something requiring surgery (if there is an obstruction for instance).  There is a range of emotions and thoughts one goes through when presented with this kind of information.  One thing we know to be true is that God is in control and this precious baby is a blessing from the Lord no matter what happens.

This got me thinking about my other children.  Seems there is something “wrong” that happens with each one.  Kiki had fairly bad jaundice.  She had to have the light wrap at home and even that did not help as fast as we all had hoped.


Then when she was three she had to have surgery on both feet to correct curly toe.  Thankfully nothing major, but still surgery and going under hold risks.

mar 19a

Lulu gave us a scare at her two day check-up when a heart murmur was detected.  Tests showed that it would probably close on its own and thankfully it did.  Then she gave us another scare at four months old when the doctor was concerned by her lack of muscle tone.  She had to be seen by child development specialist (after one month’s time).  Thankfully we got it figured out and she was ok by the time they visited us.


Guster arrived three and half weeks early but was healthy.  His only “problem” has been spitting up – alot.  Thankfully he was never in pain, which was the doctor’s main concern.  Even though he was at the very bottom of the growth chart (yes, 0%) he kept growing.  Around one years old he finally started getting better and is getting some cute chubs.  He has not completely outgrown the spitting up so who knows if there is going to be more in store with that, but it is now rare for him.


I know some families go through alot worse than we have, but each trial we have is still scary because it is uncharted territory.  It helps remind you to hold your loved ones with open hands and trust God.  I am so happy for my three precious children God has already blessed us with and look forward to our fourth.



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