How Not To React

Lulu went into the bathroom and asked for  help.  This is not unusual since she can not reach the light switch and asks all the time for help.  Since I was in the middle of getting Guster ready for a bath I asked Kiki to help.  A few moments later I was informed that Lulu was peeing on the floor.

I am sorry to say that, in my frustration, I lost it.  This is the second time in a week that she has done this.  She is fully potty trained and has been for some time so this is not normal.  Still at her age she is fully into her play and waits too long.  Then on top of that she is dressed in several layers of dress up clothes which take too long to get off in time.

Thankfully, after I collected myself, I asked for her forgiveness and she said yes. 🙂  What a loving sweetie.



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