Weather Dress Up

This week our homeschool book is If You Give A Moose A Muffin.  At one point in the story the moose goes outside but it is chilly so he wants a sweater, so we talked about weather. Every morning we go outside to see and feel what the weather is and then record it on our white board. (I am having as much fun with our book unit studies as the girls are)

I also came up with a fun little dress up paper doll activity.  On the paper I had pictures for different types of weather: sunny/hot, rainy, cold/windy, and snowy/winter.  I put a picture of themselves under each type of weather.  Then they had to glue outfits or accessories on to their picture and dress themselves for that type of weather.

They had a ball doing this. Kiki even asked me later if she could do it again!  For the more active kid I think I would try to be more on the ball and have actual clothes to try on for each kind of weather.

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