Berry Homeschool

Already I have had to switch gears for homeschooling.  We are taking the reading at a slower pace than the book and doing fun little unit studies based off different children books*.  Kiki enjoys the Handwriting Without Tears method of writing so we are keeping up with that.  The unit studies allow Lulu to be apart of things so that she is not a distraction.

This unit study was from Jamberry, a fun little book about a boy, a bear, and lots of berries.  We also read other berry books, focused on the letter B, made berry muffins, and more.  I learned right along with my girls about different kinds of berries.  It was fun.

*I found these online, I did not make them up.



One thought on “Berry Homeschool

  1. Good to hear, Abbie! I love handwriting without tears – a structured and sensible way to teach handwriting! I went to a conference based on HWT for Occupational Therapy continuing education credits a while back. I’m excited that Jake’s preschool is using HWT this year!

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