Busy Weekend

Two posts today because I neglected my weekend post that I normally do.

I am not someone who thrives on busyness.  Down time is recharging time.  This weekend was fun but busy.

After waking from camping in the backyard (waking up every time I had to roll over on hard ground) we had breakfast. The original plan for the morning was that my hubby would take the girls to see their cousin’s soccer game.   Guster, however, just happened to have his naps work out in such a way that allowed all of us to go.

We came back for lunch, during which we received the call that someone wanted to see our house.  It had been over a week since our last showing so of course the house was in disarray and had to be quickly cleaned.   That put us a little late on the road to relatives’ house ( 1 1/2 hr away) to celebrate Great Aunt Gen’s 80th birthday.

We came home (so nice to come home to a clean house!) and crashed into bed.  Waking the next morning for church.  That afternoon I did face painting at an “inner-city” neighborhood block party.  Came home and helped get the kids to bed.  At that point I think I sat down on the couch, accepted a bowl of cake and ice cream, and did not move until it was time for bed.


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