Garden Update

Our little garden is just that, little. Nevertheless, it has been fun and I am sure we will do it again next year.  Now that we have some experience under our belt hopefully it will be a better success.  One can dream anyway. 🙂

We managed to eat a some lettuce leaves, albeit small leaves, and those plants are still going strong.   The strawberry plant did not produce anything, but at least it is still alive so I have high hopes for it next spring.  Still waiting on the sweet potatoes as it is not yet harvest time for them.  The leaves look a little sickly so I am starting to have my doubts.  The watermelon did produce one personal size fruit.  We finally picked it but have yet to try it to see if it is any good.

Our late arrive to the garden are peas.  The package said it had a short grow to maturity time so we planted them in one of the buckets left empty by carrots that did not survive.  These are a winner!   We only have two plants and have already picked two pea pods with three more growing.


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