Hair Accessory Organizer

Ever since Kiki got her first hair accessories I have been wanting a cute (yet kid-friendly) organizer.  I had a vague idea in my head of what I wanted but never took the time to flesh it out.  Last week I came across a friend’s blog who had created pretty much what I have been wanting (she found it from another blog).

I mulled over my ideas and options, took it to ladies craft night and got it started.  The next day I let the girls decorate the top (with my help).  We all had a lot of fun creating this organizer. 

Here is to hoping that being organized will help keep the loss of barrettes and hair ties to a minimum.


4 thoughts on “Hair Accessory Organizer

    • thanks. I did add ribbons to the inside for the barrettes. I just attached with scotch tape and so far it is holding but otherwise I’ll try hot glue. The hot glue worked well for the ribbon around the lid rim.

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