A Mouse Adventure

I was outside getting Lucy back into the yard after she jumped the fence when I heard commotion inside.  As I headed back towards the house, Kiki comes running out “a mouse on the shoes” and runs back inside.  What?  I ran inside to find both girls on the couch, a mouse sitting on our shoe pile across the floor, and Guster sitting on the floor in between happily chewing on a toy.

The mouse just looked at us but did not attempt to run so I quickly ran downstairs to get a box.  When I came back the mouse, amazingly, was still there.  I cautiously walked over to it and tried to get it in the box.  It jumped!  Scared the living daylights out of me.  I tried a second time to shoe it in the box and it jumped right in.

All I can conclude is that something was wrong with this mouse.  Thankfully this particular one will no longer be a problem.

Later the girls were coloring and Kiki showed me her picture of the family: momm, daddy, Guster, Lulu, herself, Lucy, Miki, and the mouse.


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