Toddler Trouble

The kids were mostly on their own as I furiously cleaned because we put our house on the market and they were taking pictures of it.

First, the girls were in the basement playing and Kiki comes up to tell me that Lulu broke my fragile stuff (glass etching projects).  I rushed down but all was ok and no one was hurt.

Second, I was about to head out to add another coat of paint to a couple items when Kiki comes rushing in telling me something frantic about Lulu and paint. I knew this was trouble, because I had  move all the painting stuff onto the porch due to rain earlier.  The porch that my hubby spent over a week working on to get it looking nice.  Sure enough what I thought had happened did … paint can tipped over and paint pouring out onto the fresh cedar floor.

I sopped it up as best I could, told Lulu it was time for her nap, and called my hubby.  Thankfully he was able to remain calm and sanded it out when he got home from work.


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