The Commentator Award

How sweet of her to nominate me for another award.  The Commentator Award is to recognize and appreciate those who comment on your blog.

So, THANK YOU, to everyone who comments (whether on my facebook or on the blog post itself).  I do truly appreciate you taking the time to do that.  Also a thank you to those “like” my posts.  I will do my best to mention all of you (that have a blog) and nominate you for The Commentator Award too.

Check them out (in no particular order)!  My short description will not do their blogs justice but it will give you an idea.  The variety is so fun 🙂

Heather:  homestead mom

Myndi:  writer mom

Amber:  digital scrap book mom

Bonita: random (like me)

Kate: being creative

Rachel: travels and more

Joni:  artist

Debbie:  this mother’s journey

Ray:  artist

Charlie and Tom:  photo blog

Lauren:  writer

Clotilda Jamcracker:  stories and more

JustDan:  future economist

Kashfi:  music

Le Zoe:  baby, food, design and more

Pat:   FOOD!

Justin:  travel, food

Preetam:  photos


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