Shoe Pit Stop

We are a “take your shoes off in the house” kind of family.  Keep the dirt and germ to a minimum and contained as much as possible.  Besides, feet need to be free!  At least mine do.

I think I count eight pairs of little girl shoes, one pair for myself, and one for my hubby.  Not to mention a collection of six pairs of little girl socks.  Why bother with tidiness, it will get messed up within the hour guaranteed.  That is a battle a choose not fight most of the time in order to save my sanity.  Perhaps some day …


2 thoughts on “Shoe Pit Stop

  1. We just got our carpets cleaned so that is our rule now! However, now my wonderful children take their shoes off right away but when they go back outside they go out without putting their shoes on and then come in with dirty feet! We are working on that now :o)

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