Memorial Day

I do not know any fallen soldiers, but I know plenty of people who have or are currently serving in the military.  I am grateful for their willingness so that all of us can continue to enjoy our freedoms in the USA.

One person I know who used to be in the military is my Dad.  He was a MP in the Air Force and was stationed in Taiwan.  My Dad says that he really enjoyed it and probably would have made it his career had he not been forced out due to developing keratoconus.  It was all apart of God’s greater plan, because had he stayed he would not have met my mom!  The other awesome part of the plan is that while in Taiwan my Dad came to know God as his Savior!  Then he developed a heart for Taiwan and her people and my parents ended up going back there as missionaries … where they had two wonderful daughters and are now living happily ever after.  🙂

I spent most of the holiday with my kids at home because my hubby is in retail and holidays equal sales not vacation.  He was able to get off a little early.  We met up at his parents and enjoyed oh so yummy grilled food.  Hmmm, I am drooling just thinking about it.

Guster got to eat too but kept asking when he would be old enough to eat steak and ice cream with homemade magic shell*.  Ha, ha, doesn’t he look so tiny in that seat?

*Homemade magic shell – so delicious and it really does get hard when you put it on ice cream!  Simply melt together 1/2 cup of coconut oil and 1 1/4 cup of chocolate chips.  So easy it is ridiculous.   Put left overs in a jar and it will keep for a long time.

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