My Garden Enemy


Those experienced gardeners can probably guess what my cry is about.

One day I had beautiful lettuce leaves growing and the next morning I have this:

(only my spinach is left)

What could do this much damage overnight?  My hubby told me it was the caterpillars he was picking off the remains.  I did not believe him.  They are too small to wreck that much havoc in such a short amount of time.  Right?  Nope, he is right.

Ooooo, how I despise these little guys now.  Kiki decided to keep one as a pet in jar.  As long as it stays in the jar (and dies) I am okay.

So I sprayed (again) all my plants to try and get rid of these critters.  Next morning I checked.  I still have spinach.  Holey spinach.  More caterpillars.   Did someone send out a mass text to all the caterpillars to tell them the dinner party was going on at my house?  I sprayed some more.  Found some migrating over to my carrots.  Sprayed a lot more.

On a happier note … my sweet potatoes are ready to be planted!


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