Homeschool Track & Field Day

We have been looking forward to this day since last year’s track and field day.

In the three and four year old girls Pre-K group!

The whole family was there to cheer Kiki on in her events.  Daddy was the official picture-taker for the day.

Mimi and Grandpa were there too this year.  Lulu was snuggled in the blanket as the beginning of the day was a bit chilly due to some clouds and wind.  The clouds did finally go away and we had beautiful sunshine… and lots of wind.

First up was running.  Her age group could do the 25 yd and 50 yd runs.

Next up was the field events.  I was the volunteer in charge for this group.  Aren’t they so cute waiting for their turn at the obstacle course? 🙂

Lastly was a bean bag toss and distance throw with a tennis ball.  The distance throw ended up being Kiki’s best event.  She threw over 16ft which put her around #4 for the group.

Lulu was my little helper.  After each girl threw their three tennis balls she would go retrieve them for the next girl.

It was a fun day, however, Kiki woke up on the wrong side of the bed  and did not have as much fun as she could have had that day.  Then she ended up getting a headache which is a real bummer.  Still we look forward to next year’s event and Lulu will get to participate too!


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