Sponsored Child

It started waaaaay back in college.  I do not remember why, but my dorm floor decided to sponsor a child from Children International.  It amounted to less than a dollar per person each month.  When the school year ended we did not want to just drop her and I ended up taking her.

Her name was Yaneth and she lives in Columbia.  I kept sponsoring her until a couple years ago when I received a letter saying she was no longer eligible for the program.  Why was this younger teenager kicked out?  She got married … to someone much older who could provide for her so her parents could be relieved of the financial burden.  I was shocked but apparently this not so uncommon.

They asked if I would like to keep sponsoring and we choose to sponsor another little girl from Columbia.

I was cleaning up the computer desk when I ran across a progress report they had sent us recently.  Luz is now eight years old and might have a learning disorder (can she still break the poverty cycle?).  Her family’s income is about $150/month so the help they receive from Children International allows her to have the things she needs to go to school and stay healthy.


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