Mother’s Day

Sometimes it is still surreal to me that I have kids, but I am happy to have celebrated by fourth mother’s day.  Guster started it off for me bright at early at 4:30am.  I had a great day with family, relaxing, and perfect weather.

I asked my hubby to get a picture of the kids and I.  The more kids in the picture the harder it is to get a good shot.  I find the process funny (either laugh or cry so I usually choose to laugh).  Here is how it went.

First, I sit down with Guster and we try and rally the girls.  My furry baby comes over instead.  Hi Miki.

Lulu loves the dogs so she came over to give Miki some love.

While I tried to detach Lulu from Miki, my hubby got a great shot of Kiki.

Finally, “smile”.

He seriously only got the one picture before Louisa headed for the slide.

We attempted to get everyone back together (because of course now Kiki took off to go back to riding her bike).  My hubby said that one turned out pretty good so we let them go back to playing.  Instead we got some more of just Guster and I.

As you can see he looks thrilled to be taking pictures while his sisters get to play.


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