Sleep Training

When I was pregnant with Kiki I was given a book: “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Weissbluth.  I tried reading it but did not really get understand it.  After Kiki was born I read it again, stage by stage as she aged.  This time it made sense.

We have done sleep training for both Kiki and Lulu and now it is Guster’s turn.  Actually it started shortly before he turned four months old.  With each new kid it does seem to get a little harder.  The noise level increases and schedules are different.  I am determined to do it though because we saw huge benefits with both the girls.

This week we stayed at home, purposely taking it easy and being relaxed, so I could focus on sleep training Gust.   He is not doing bad but something always seemed to happen lately to mess up his naps.  Now I do not mind that happening every once in a while but when it is every day I am not happy and he is not happy.


He is just waking up here and telling me he is hungry.  The funny hue is due to the sun shining through the curtains.


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