Craft: Mexican Bean Bracelet

With Cince de Mayo around the corner I thought it would be fun to have Mexican themed week.  Trust me, I was no super-mom about this.  Basically we read some books about Mexico, found it on a map, and remembered Mexico each day.

After searching various websites for a Mexican themed craft, I finally came across this one here.  It took me a while to find one where I had all the items on hand.  Empty toliet paper roll  – check.  Aluminum foil – check.  Glue – check.  Beans – check (lentil beans were perfect because they are small and light).  Originally I was just going to have them color with markers on the roll and then glue the beans on, but I ran across the glitter glue so we used that for our “paint”.  Kiki was old enough that she was able to do it basically on her own.  Lulu really tried to do it on her own like her big sister, but ended up needed assistance.


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