Debt Free

I was paying for something when the cashier got real excited and said she was just starting that class.  In line at a grocery store I struck up a conversation with the lady in front of me saying I had also taken that class.

What class?

Dave Ramsey‘s class.

What was it that let us know that we had or were taking the class?

This brown wallet for the all cash system.

We were in debt due to classes we had taken.  Originally the plan was they would all be paid off by next spring.  In Dave Ramsey’s class he talked about using gazelle intensity to pay debt off.  I did not really get it until one day when I messing around with numbers and realized we could pay it off sooner if we got creative.  Now I understood what gazelle intensity meant … once that last payment month grew closer and closer I tried harder and harder to find money in different areas with which to add to the balance.

We are super excited to say that this month was our last payment.  We are now debt free!

Now to get our house ready and put it back on the market 🙂


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