Dead Car

The day after vacation my hubby told me the car remote lock was not working.  I did not think much about it until I went to use the car and it was dead.  My hubby said that Lulu was playing in the drivers seat and must have turned on the lights … which got left on all night.  He jump started the car but it did not get driven the rest of the day.

The next day I got all the kids loaded in and turned the key in the car.  Dead.

I unloaded everyone from the car and told my hubby.  Then I resigned myself to another day at home.  My father-in-law came to our rescue and jump started us again.  This time he let it run longer and drove it around too.  I did not know that this would help – learn something new all the time!

Thankfully the car has not died again.  Poor thing is getting along in years.  I am sure it would just as soon stay down but we are praying it holds out for us for a few more years still.

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