Vacationing in Urgent Care

It was our last night on vacation.  My mom asked me if Kiki had a mole on the side of her head.  Perplexed I looked because I knew she did not.

Eeeeeew!  It was a tick!  A big one.  It had been there for several days.  Immediately we were having visions of Lyme disease and I insisted on going to the doctor to get their help.

Thankfully we got put in a room quickly and the nurse showed up soon after.  She asked me if it was a wood tick or a deer tick.  Um, I haven’t the foggiest.  A tick is a tick.  So she looked at it and said her guess was that it was wood tick because it was big (apparently deer ticks are tiny like a freckle).  The doctor confirmed it was a wood tick (“racing stripes” on its back) and the good news was that they do not spread any disease.


Time to celebrate! Besides, she was incredibly brave and strong for the doctor*.

My sweet Kiki said (all on her own) that she wanted to share with her sister.

*FYI for those who are clueless like me when it comes to ticks.  The doctor said to grab the tick with tweezers down by the head and just yank it out.  Do not put anything on it because that will only make the tick mad.  If you have a deer tick then the disease which is in it’s stomach will be regurgitated into you.


2 thoughts on “Vacationing in Urgent Care

  1. Glad you got rid of the thing. I didn’t know there was a difference between ticks either! Those things creep me out.

    Growing up in the dry climate of Wyoming, we didn’t have many ticks. But one time when I was maybe a couple years older than your daughter, while visiting my aunt on a farm in Iowa, one got on my head. It went unnoticed for awhile in my thick, dark hair. My mom finally discovered it while washing my hair. She panicked and yanked it out of my head (and not the correct way). On our way home back to Wyoming, I got really sick and feverish, so badly that I still remember it to this day. I am pretty sure it was related to the tick’s incorrect removal. Scary.

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