Revelation #2

The last time I cut my hair must have been last fall.  I had planned on doing it again before Christmas, but since Guster decided to make his appearance then I never got around to it.  Instead I decided to grow my hair out after seeing some “old” pictures of myself with longer hair.  If you have ever grown you hair out you know it hits this ugly stage that you just have to push through.  I push through by pulling it back in a ponytail every day.  After a while I start getting headaches.

Revelation #2!  (see here for revelation #1)  Why am I tortuing myself with headaches?  I do not care THAT much to have longer hair again.  Besides I do like my hair shorter; plus it is easier to get ready fast in the morning.  This is the not the first time I have tried growing my hair out and then could not handle it anymore and chopped it off.  Will I ever learn?  I am sure I will try again some day to grow it out again … but for now it is short again.  Aaaaah, so much better.


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