My New Hobby

Last year I decided to pick up a new hobby.  I did not know what I wanted to do so I ended up looking online at a craft store to give me ideas.  I came across glass etching and that sounded interesting.  After some research I knew that was my new hobby.  As with anything, there are different ways to do this.  Since I was pregnant at the time I could not do sand blasting so I settled on glass etching with cream.  I have had a lot of fun doing that, but I was growing antsy to start the sand blasting, or “sand glass carving”.

This is more expensive than using the cream because it requires more tools.  One of those tools is a sand blasting box to contain the sand (bad for the lungs to breath in all that sand).  My hubby likes to make things so I asked him if would want to make me one.  I am one lucky gal because he got right on researching how to build a sand blast box.

Here is the frame!  I am so excited!


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