The TO DO List

Every so often I think that I should try living without my TO DO lists.  That was the case again for me this week.  About half way through the week I felt like I had gotten absolutely nothing accomplished.  I probably had but because I did not have my list in front of me with things marked off I could not recall what I had done.

Then I thought to myself, why in the world do I keep doing this to myself?  Why do I bother trying to live without my TO DO list?  Everyone suffers so whatever purpose I had for doing it is pointless.  I love my lists.   They keep me organized and sane.

Any other list-makers out there?  Do you ever do this?  If I complete some task that was not on my list I will add it to my list and then cross it off.  A few years ago I told this to a group of people and they looked at me funny.  Well, everyone except the other list-maker who had not thought of that before and found it to be an excellent suggestion!

I resolve to stop being someone I am not and to always have my TO DO near me 🙂


4 thoughts on “The TO DO List

  1. I am a list maker. My requirement when buying a new purse is that a full size notebook MUST fit in it. I could not live without my lists! Sometimes I think I would forget to brush my teeth if I didn’t write it down 😉

  2. I love making to-do lists. They help keep me on task and to not forget anything. And provide such a sense of satisfaction in marking something as complete.

    Like you, I often add tasks that I’ve already completed just so I can mark them off. 🙂

    I use an online homeschool tracker which basically lets me track our daily assignments and mark them off (along with the time it took to complete) each day. This really helps keep me (somewhat) organized and on track with our school day too.

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