Sugar and Spice … That’s What Little Girls Are Made Of

My girls are girly-girls.  Pink and purple.  Glitter and sparkles.  Dolls and dress-up.  Puppies and kitties.  Bats and snakes.  Wait, what? Yes, Kiki is on a kick of saying these are among her favorite animals, although when confronted with a live one she is not so certain (thank goodness!).

I love how my girls can be “girly” but still like to dig around in the dirt for rocks.  Granted, we were looking for pretty rocks.

We came across an earthworm while digging in the dirt.  After observing it for a few minutes I tossed it back into the grass.  Here they are trying to find it again.

Later Kiki discovered this bright green worm (inch worm?) in the sand box.   She scooped it up in one of her shovels and brought to us to see.  Her excitement was barely contained as she jumped up and down.

Nature is truly amazing and I am glad my girls embrace being outside in God’s creation.

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