Bringing the Neighborhood Together

It was a little after noon when the power went out.  My hubby said it was not just us but the neighbors too.  He also said there was a crash or something up the block.  I said I would check it out since I was heading out to walk the dogs.

First I saw a power line across the whole street and thought that was it.  As I progressed further up the block I heard a neighbor on the phone talking about the pole breaking in her backyard.  So I looked.  Sure enough there was the broken power pole with more lines all over the place.

Neighbors were coming out of the woodwork to see the mess.  We have been in this neighborhood for six years and I was just now seeing some of them.  Funny how disaster brings people together (too bad really).

After naptime I took the girls up to see why we did not have lights.  By now the power company was there and had the street blocked off.  It took about four hours for us (neighbors north of the downed pole) to get power back.  After six hours I know they were still working on it for that block which had the pole.

Sorry, I could not get a closer shot, but if you look closely you can see the broke pole in the backyard.


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