Melted Crayon Art

Earlier in the week I went trolling on the internet for homeschool ideas and inspirations.  I do this periodically because I think it is fun and also to see if there are any good ideas I want to use.  There was one that blogged about doing this melted crayon art.  I knew rainy weather was in the forecast so I tucked this idea away in my brain (which is risky because I am forgetting things more and more lately). Unfortunately I do not remember which blog it was or I would reference it for you.

We have gobs of crayons laying around the house so I thought this was a perfect use for them.  First we shaved the crayons into small pieces.  The blog said what worked best was a pencil sharpener.  Amazingly we had a crayon sharpener on hand and used that.  I started this step a few days before the project.  The blog also said less was better to use and I do agree, it does take a little trial and error to figure out a good amount.  Here we are working on a butterfly, drawn on wax paper with a permanent marker.

Lay another piece of wax paper on top and run a hot iron across it.  It does not take much to melt the crayons.  The girls thought it was so fun to see the colors melt and mix.  The dark colors really take over so I recommend just a few dark shaving.

It takes just a minute or two of cooling for it to harden.  Then you can cut out your shape.  Honestly, I ended up drawing the shape on after the melting because it was too much trouble to keep the crayon shavings inside the previously drawn lines.

One of the shapes we did was hearts.  Then decided to use them to make cards for the grandparents.

All done!  Showing off their butterflies and flowers.  I love the idea the blog had for what to do with these.  They attached them to gifts they were giving to a charity and wrote a nice little message on it.


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