For years my hubby has talked about owning chickens.  As I have said before, I am a city girl so his idea was not met with enthusiasm.  Plus I have grown up with my mom telling me that chickens are mean (she grew up with them on the farm).

The idea of having chickens is growing on me.  I have a garden now after all.  Some day I figure I will have chickens so I had better start learning about them now.

My friend has them in the southeast, but I am in the midwest so that does not work out well for me to see how it is going for them.  Then I discovered that a gal at my MOPS table has chickens!   She was so kind and let me come over with the kids to see them and ask all kinds of questions.  I enjoyed myself and I know my kids did too (plus they were thrilled to play with some new friends).  There is so much more to know, but I am looking forward to it.

Petting one of the tamer chickens.   Who knew they could be so soft?  Who knew there were so many different kinds of chickens too?

She sent us home with some of their eggs.  Look at all the different colors and sizes.  They are yummy too!


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