Just One of Those Days

I am one of THOSE moms.  You know, the kind that do not let their kids watch TV.  It is funny when the neighbor girls come over (they are older) and ask to watch TV.  They are dumbfounded when I tell them no.  Why?  I like my kids to use their imaginations instead of the TV telling them what it is.  I like my kids to run and move instead of being bumps on a log.

They DO get to watch TV every now and then.  They get to watch movies on trips.  It is a special to eat dinner and watch TV.  Sometimes I just need the peace that watching TV provides.  This was just such a day.  See the mess?  I am in full on decluttering mode, which means the house gets worse before it gets better.  I just need some focused time without interruption to work.

2 thoughts on “Just One of Those Days

  1. We don’t do TV either (except a video here and there). It’s funny. My kids have a hard time watching regular TV because they expect to be able to pause it or fast forward whenever they want to!

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