Planting Season

My hubby has been wanting to plant and grow our own food for years.  I am a city girl so it has taken me until now to get used to this idea.  This year I am finally on board and I am excited!  I am even willing to try growing from seed.  This is a big deal because I do not have a green thumb.

We will grow carrots, fancy lettuce, spinach, and watermelon from seed.  Also we will grow strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry.  I feel healthier already.  🙂

Now I wait on pins and needles to see if anything sprouts.  Minimum of seven days but up to two weeks.  Might as well be an eternity.


4 thoughts on “Planting Season

  1. Nick and I are doing our second garden this year, finally having a yard where we can plant. We’re hoping the summer will be kinder on the plants this year. We grow tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, pumpkins, letttuce and herbs. I also want to get blueberry bushes and strawberries planted, as they say you should wait two years before you eat the fruit; hardier plants that way.

    • Fun! I’m doing container/bucket gardening in case/in hopes that we’ll actually move this year and then we can take it with us. The only one I’m not sure about are the watermelons for this method, but oh well!

  2. This is our 3rd year for planting a garden. I’m a city girl as well. So I’ve had to learn a lot! I’m also trying my hand at canning which is quite the experience. LOL

    I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing, but it’s dirty and the kids seem to enjoy it!

  3. I tried my first canning last year – tomatoes! I think I prefer just freezing everything 🙂 although it wasn’t really that bad. Thankfully I have my in-laws to help me know what to do when it comes these things.

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