We Love Lucy

Look at that face.  I do not know what you see, but I see the wheels turning in her brain behind those intelligent eyes.  She still has such a puppy look about her.  People often ask us if she is a puppy, not because of her size, but because of her endless energy.  Lucy is over six years old.  That makes her over 42 years old in human years.  As her vet tells us, there are plenty of highly active people at 42 and she is the equivalent.

Six years ago we were looking to add a dog to the family.  We wanted a bloodhound (don’t ask me why).  The Humane Society told us that Darla was a four month of bloodhound and we took her home.

We changed her name to Lucy, as in the Lucy from Peanuts.  Who knew that Peanut’s Lucy’s personality would be much more fitting than a calm sounding “Darla”!  Well, had we realized she is actually a black and tan coonhound (mix?) we would have had a better idea what we were getting ourselves into.  Coonhounds are trackers, long distance trackers … so she has excellent stamina and energy to match.  Perhaps if one of us was a marathon trainer and runner we could wear her out, but we are not.    At the Humane Society she was a bundle of energy of a caffeine high.  That should have tipped us off.  Hindsight is always 20-20.

Lucy can easily jump our four foot fence as if it is a mere stump in her way.  At one point we tried the shock collar method to train her to stay in the yard.  The idea is that when the dog gets close to the fence they get a shock and it discourages them from pursuing that action.  The shock has to be strong enough to break their concentration on that action.  Lucy’s level of intensity is beyond the shock collar.  The only thing that has worked is to chain her up to go outside, even just to go to the bathroom.

Lately she has somehow figured out how to get that chain off her collar.  What?  Yes!  I said we should have named her Houdini.  We did this twice to me.  Yesterday she did it to my husband.  Running around the neighborhood is the only way she properly gets rid of her energy. It is unfortunate for her because she might get hit by a car.  It is unfortunate for neighbors who are scared of dogs because she is beyond friendly.  The Humane Society brought her back to us yesterday. This is the second time this has happened … someone new must have moved into the neighborhood because before people would just tell us where they last saw her or even just bring her back to us.  We thought for sure they were going to tell us it was $100 to get her back since that is what they told us last time if they ever got her again.  Fortunately for Lucy they did not put a price on her because I am pretty sure the Humane Society would have inherited a new dog.  So we live another day with Lucy.


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