It’s out of the house!  I have taken it to the consignment sale or given it away.  There is more for the winter sale, but this is the majority of the kids stuff I wanted to have out of the house.  *sigh of relief* … now on to the next declutter project!

I’m so thrilled because if everything goes right (praying it does!) we’ll be debt free by July and have our house on the market again.  Until then, lots of decluttering to do to get our house in ship-shape.


3 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Being debt free is WONDERFUL!!! Good luck on your sales. I have a huge yard sale each spring and fall to get rid of stuff. This year I’m adding the kids. (not to sell them!) But they will be learning entrepreneurial skills with a bake sale. We’ll see how it goes!

    • I wish I had the stamina for doing a yard sale every year (let along twice a year!). I’ve done two in the last 8 years. I might have to do another this year just to get rid of stuff before selling the house. I usually go the Craigslist route. I think teaching kids entrepreneurial skills to a must and that is a great way!

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