Spring Clean Week One: Kid’s Stuff

Boy, I got my work out.  Carrying all this into the house.

That is eight boxes of kid’s clothes and twelve boxes of kid’s toys.  Should anyone be concerned my kids did not have enough stuff, this should put those fears to rest.  To be fair, this is four years worth of accumulation.

I have been itching to declutter for a while now.  My hubby gave me the go-ahead to sell at the kid’s consignment sale this year.  Until now we have been holding on “just in case” … which worked out well with two girls back to back.  Now it is time for someone else to enjoy these things instead of the garage.

It just so happens that simplemom.net is blogging about spring cleaning this month*.   AND it just so happens that the first week’s, this week, goal is kid’s stuff.

Things always get worse before they get better for me.  So those boxes exploded in the living room to look something like this:

and upstairs in the toy room to look like this:

Slowly I am getting it organized, labeled for consignment, and sorted into sell, keep, and toss.  I am loving declutter mode!  Here is the starter pile of stuff to consign:

* http://simplemom.net/project-simplify-2012/


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