The Sock Gnome

What a cutie pie! 🙂  Can you see those bare toes sticking up?  That is because the poor kid does not have any socks.  We started out with about five pairs.  Now, two and a half months later, we are down to a half a pair.  Where do they go?  I blame the sock gnome.  He has haunted me since before I was married.  Why he likes to take one sock here and there I will never know.  I can only imagine what his house must look like.  Perhaps he is actually like that creature from Narnia with the one giant foot and so he only needs one sock at a time.  Does the sock gnome visit your house too?

It was great delight that I saw three pairs of baby boy socks at my MOPS Swap!  I grabbed all of them.  Here is to hoping they last more than a month.


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