Ugh, Laundry

What is it about laundry that arouses such an aversion to it?  Is it that I have to take time out of my day to bother with it?  Is it that it never seems to go away (like dishes)?  Is it that it has so many steps: collecting and sorting, washing, drying, and putting it away?  Whatever the reason, I do not like laundry.  I try to put as minimal effort into as possible.

The middle of the week is my big laundry day.  This was my pile this week, which ended up being six loads.  Is there any way to simplify laundry?  My solution was to schedule in a load of laundry every day, plus my mid-week big laundry day.  How in the world can there be so much that needs to be washed in this household?  Kids clothes are not that big.  It is my own fault because of the way we choose to go about potty training.  That leaves me with wet bedding every day (my daily load).  Having made the decision to just do a load every day, put it on my to-do list, has helped my attitude some.  If I just throw it in first thing in the morning then it can be over and done with and out of my life … until the next day.


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