How does your garden grow?

TULIPS are popping up!

I am so curious what color they will be this year.  When I planted them about five years ago, I planted yellow, red, and purple.  Every year the reds and yellows came first.  A few purples would grow towards the end of the season.   Last year it was different.  All the tulips came up as normal, but they were ALL purple.  It was so weird.  As the summer wore on, more flowers in our garden grew and there were some others that were purple that were not suppose to be!  I asked a master garden her opinion and she asked her group.  It had them stumped.  What will happen this year???  I am hoping for my reds and yellows to come back but I will not hold my breath.

Here is Kiki with the tulips the way they were planted.

Lulu shows off that same spot last year.  So bizarre to me!


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