Wilson’s Hair Salon

Sometimes I fancy myself a beautician.  This is our set up for hair cutting (too bad the camera focused on everything except my subject).  The TV holds their attention so they are fairly still for my scissors.  Before I hit on that trick it was a bit of a trial.  Poor Kiki has a picture to prove of one particularly bad bang cut.  Bangs are tricky though, especially for Lulu who ducks as soon as she sees those scissors out her peripheral vision.  I am getting better at remembering to say “close your eyes” before anything happens and she is getting used to the process.

I am not against taking them to a salon to get their hair done but for the cost I would just as soon do it at home for now.  When they get older and care more then it can be salon time.  Kiki has been to a special children’s one two times and has done well.  Lulu has been once and they could not get much done because she did not like it.  I will put in a plug for them 🙂  – anyone have a Snip Its near them, it is a great place for kids to get their hair done!  We actually do not have one where we live, but there is one where my folks live (so it is a special vacation treat).

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