Toy Organization – Again

Does every parent have this never ending quest to figure out the best toy organization?  Well I am at it again.  With Christmas and birthdays behind us it seemed like a good time.  Started with throwing all the toys in the middle of the floor.  They were already half way there when we started.  You would think this would have been more exciting but having the orders to do what they naturally do every day elicited minimal enthusiasm.

When we organized them into these new-to-us storage bins.  Previous to this we were using an old dresser.  It was nice in that it concealed the mess of toys but the drawers were hard to open and close.  I can only dream that being able to see the toys might prevent them from being dumped out all over the floor every day.  Slowly, ever so slowly, I am getting the whole house organized after Christmas and birthdays and looting the neighbors.  There is definite need of getting rid of clutter that is gnawing at me.

Hmmm, yes, we still have the drawings on the wall. There are two smiley faces now because we had some more naughty days after I originally posted.  I am not sure if this is out of their system now or the fact that I am trying to be extra vigilant about keeping all pens, pencils, markers, and crayons out of reach and used only under supervision, but we have not had any problems with this lately.  Actually I was given a tip to remove ink from the walls that I have not tried yet.  If it works it will definitely be posted because I will not be able to contain my jubilation.


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