Great Find #2

It is funny how things work out.  We have talked off and on over the years about dehydrating food.  In fact, just a few days ago we had mentioned it.  Now, we have a dehydrator!  I happened to have some oranges in the fridge and that was one of the recipes in the box so we went with it.

Verdict of the finished product?  Lulu would not try it, but that is not surprising since she never wants to eat an orange.  Kiki tried it and said she did not like it, even though she ate most of the orange slice.  I tried it.  It was a okay.  It was chewy but I suppose that is what all dehydrated food is like.  It was also kind of sour so that might be what Kiki did not like.

Anyone have any good ideas for things to dehydrate?


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