Urgent Care

This was my happy crew in the morning.

This is the story of the day.  During morning bath time I noticed little red spots on Kiki’s torso.  Did not really think anything of it.  She was not complaining about them so I chalked it up to heat rash from her sweating overnight.  Whether or not she really did sweat I do not know, but she sweats easily so it is a reasonable conclusion.

My hubby got home from work early (gotta love the retail business when you work weekends).  We decided to go out to eat.  Towards the end of our meal I took the girls to the bathroom.  It was then that I saw red spots covering her whole body!  My first thought was chicken pox.  Second thought was she has been vaccinated for that so she should not get it, right?  I had not noticed her itching so I asked if she was itchy.  No, she said.

The suddenness of these spots concerned me.  Was she having a strange allergic reaction to something?  Growing up with a sister who is allergic to about everything under the sun, and at one point just last year ended up in ER, I have allergies on my radar.  Kiki had not eaten anything different than normal lately, no new detergents, etc.  The only thing different than the rest of us was she had been taking amoxicillin for an ear infection, but she was already on day 9 of 10.

This was my first experience with giving my kids medicine.  We were all enthralled with the needle like dispenser and Kiki enjoyed sucking it out.

So  anyway, I ended up taking her to urgent care last night.  I really try to not be one of “those moms” who takes their kids to a doctor for every cough and sniffle, but did feel better getting this checked out sooner rather than later.  We were the last to check it and they locked the door behind us when we left.  There was a very nice staff and doctor.  Kiki likes to go to the doctor and it was extra special before she was out when it was dark out!  Unfortunately the doctor did not know what was the cause of non-itchy red bumps.  She did not think it was a reaction the medicine but said to stop it just in case.  She ruled out mumps and measles.  Possibly a rash from ear infection.  We have a prescription for cream and were told if it does not go away in four or five days to go to her regular doctor.  At least it does not seem like anything serious and hopefully it goes away soon.


2 thoughts on “Urgent Care

  1. My kids always get a non-itchy rash like that when they have strep. No other symptoms just the rash. But if she was on medication already likely not that. Hope it clears up and just remains an odd rash. 🙂

  2. Silas had this same thing happen around August. I turned out to be Fifth’s disease. He had so many red spots that his whole body looked red with just a few normal colored spots. Keep an eye on her and look up Fifth’s disease on WebMD to see if she has any other similar symptoms. You may need to get a second opinion.

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