Freezer Meals

I do once-a-month menu planning and grocery shopping.  Really helps me to stay within our strict budget.  Once-a-month cooking, on the other hand, I do not do.  I admire people who do it.  I peter out after two meals.  Normally I do not even bother.  Usually the most I do is prep and freeze whatever vegetables or fruit need saving until later in the month.  I cannot tell you enough what a joy it is to find out that yet another product can be taken care of in this manner!  Most produce seems to do ok, but not all.

We are trying a new eating plan which caused me to buy more produce than I normally do.  I was unsure how some of it would take to the freezer since I have had trouble with it in the past.  So I psyched myself up to do some cooking and freezing.   I only did two – turkey/veggie burgers and chicken salad.  Thankfully these are super easy so I was not too tired to make some supper too.

This is me prepped and ready to go!

Of course I did this during naptime.  There was a false alarm with Kiki’s mattress pad and the dog threw up … other than that naptime was quiet and peaceful so I was able to get my two meals done.

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