Good-bye GTO

We have lived in this house almost six years.  I have never lived in one place for so long.  Six years?!  This amazes me.  It is funny because when we bought the house we intended to fix it up and sell it right away or rent it.  We ended up moving into it.  This is not a house I love and we both look forward to the day when we get out of it.

I do like our neighbors and neighborhood.  It is a nice family neighborhood.  There are households of all ages.  Young families like us.  Retired couples like my hubby’s kindergarten teacher who lives a block away.  And everything in between.

There are fun things about this neighborhood.  It is old and thus not in a nicest part of town, but I do not care.  I prefer looking at houses that actually look different from each other.  We have several homes that have chickens in their yards (I never hear them).  Probably my favorite thing is that within a block radius I can point out homes with occupants that are black, white, mixed, Asian, and Hispanic!

A benefit to staying in one place for a while is getting to know my neighbors.  Like the retired lady who was a military wife telling me about strapping her kids into a funny stroller so they could see Europe.  Or the couple with college age kids who raise and sell pitbulls.  The older single lady who used to flip real estate and now enjoys her passion of working with dogs.  Our next door neighbor whose husband passed away suddenly a few years ago, leaving her with a college age boy and high school age girl.

These next door neighbors are now moving out due to other sad circumstances.  They had this classic GTO sitting in their garage (for 20 years?) waiting to get restored.  It is one of those things you always mean to do and never get around to it.  She wanted to sell it and I had tried to help her.  Yesterday it was hauled off to their new home.  Sounds like now they will keep it and restore it for the daughter.


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