Birthday party!

Birthday parties are a lot of fun.  A lot of work (even for this simple one), but a lot of fun.   I have not ventured into including friends, just family.  This year I did games because I thought Kiki would appreciate them this time around.  I think everyone had fun.  I know I had fun planning the girls’ Dora themed party.

First up:  pin the tail on the donkey.  Some games are classic for a reason 🙂

Second:  Dora-like map to treasures around the house.  I placed four gift bags around the house.  Each contained a small item to take home.  I did fun straws, stickers, slap bracelets (that takes me back to my youth), and bubbles.

Next:  open presents.  Too tired to care to clean up the mess as they went along.

Time to eat: build your own tacos.  They all managed to squeeze around the cousins table.

Lastly, cake and ice cream.  Unfortunately we did not get a picture of this, but I am sure grandparents did.  I will edit this post when I get a picture.


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